Our Lifetime Members

Seneca Past and Present was created so that we can assist current Seneca High School students while educating students and the community about Seneca’s rich history. The folks who join us see value in that mission and want to be a part of the work to keep Seneca strong and vital in our community. Our lifetime members see the mission as a lifelong commitment!

Bill Anderson

Frank Binford, Jr.
Steven Goldstein
Karen Willis Smith
Carolyn Zoll Spanyer
Steve Zeitman

Tom Duggins
Jon Fleischaker
Brenda Townes
Terry Waldman

William Loeffler
Rhonda Swart

Kenneth Michael Farmer
Martin J. Fein
(in honor of Gene Stickler)
Sonny Moore
Jack Mullins

Dwight Allen
Dean H. Williams, Sr
Larry Trunnell

Mikel D. Faulkner
Jeff H. Horen
Bobbi Goldman Stern

Jack Jacobs
Mark Jacobs

Ray Brown
Sam Denny
Steven Johnson
Grover Sales III
Cathy Dusel
Clarance Henson
Gail Henson
Janice Kensicki
Sharon Kleinert
Rich Summers

Bryan Howell
Linda Lukat Denny
Mark Norenberg
Frank Robinson

Mark Norenberg
Frank Robinson
Candice Turner Erick

William Stopher

Richard W. Akam

Ellen Prucha
Brant Stevens

Jennifer Garr
Roy M. Martin
Evelyn Abell McKemie
Jeffrey Frank Slyn

Denise Lynn Puthuff, MD

Bob Haddaway
Mark Held
Bruce Raque
Steve Sample
William Brian Warren

Gregg Stopher
Karen Raque Boyle

Cindy Dahlem Baumert
Wayne Karem

Daniel A. Johnson

David Kottak

Shena Allen-Thompson

Sheela Frisch Stevens
Judith Streepey
(in honor for Brant Stevens)

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