Over the years, thousands of students completed the Seneca journey from freshman orientation through senior graduation.  Every student makes their personal mark on Seneca High School.  Seneca, in turn, makes its mark on every student.  Whether graduates enter the workplace, continue their education or enter the military, all have their individual successes in life.  However, there is a group of Seneca graduates that have impacted their communities and sometimes, the world with their contributions.  The Seneca Hall of Fame has been created to honor these graduates.  Larry Williams ’92 took on the role of developing the Seneca Hall of Fame.  The first Hall of Fame class was inducted in 2016.

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Hall of Fame Banquet 2017


The Hall of Fame Class of 2017

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Brant Vaughn Stevens ’74
Kenneth Blair Farmer
Michael Neal Harreld ’62
Aron Primack ’62
Jon Fleischaker ’63
Jim Swart ’63
Brenda Igo Townes ’63
Patricia Garrison Corbin ’65
Nancy Gail Mason Shepherd ’65
Mike Lawhon ’68
Ron Cain
Barbara Edelman ’71
Orville Williams
Evelyn Millett Abell McKemie ’75
Roshann Parris ’75
John Locke
Cynthia Marie Dahlem Baumert ’79
John D. Marshall ’92


The Hall of Fame Class of 2016

Click on the link of each inductee’s name to be taken to a full biography of the inductee. (Not all inductees will have a bio)

bob-mulcahy2  BOB MULCAHY, basketball coach and state championship coach (1960-1964)

julius-friedman  Julius Friedman, photographer/graphic designer (1961)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  George Unseld, Metro Councilman and community activist (1961)

ellen-bourke-ewing  Judge Ellen B. Ewing, staff attorney for Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, Jefferson County Juvenile Court trial commissioner and former district and circuit court judge (1962)

david-cosby David Cosby, First Team Basketball All-State and owner/ operator of Cosby Construction Co. (1962)

mike-redd2 Mike Redd, Kentucky’s first African American Mr. Basketball (1963)

diane-sawyer Diane Sawyer, television journalist (1963)

bball-1963  1963 State Basketball Championship Team

jerry-abramson  Jerry Abramson, former Louisville mayor and lieutenant governor; director of intergovernmental affairs for Obama Administration (1964)

westley-unseld3  Westley Unseld, former NBA player, Baltimore/Capital/Washington Bullets(1964)

phil-thompson2 Phil Thompson, former University of Kentucky football player (1966)

brenda-jones-quick4  Brenda Quick, attorney and noted law professor (1966)

darryl-bishop2  Darrell Bishop, first African American basketball player at the University of Kentucky (1969)

gene-stickler2  Eugene Stickler, teacher and drama director (1960-2009)

jeffrey-jones2  Jeffrey “Scotty” Jones, member of the United States Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team (1980)

darlene-williams2  Darlene Williams, teacher and counselor (1980; 1986-1996)

dr-kala-kamdar  Dr. Kala Kamdar, noted pediatrician (1992)

garry-williams3  Garry Williams, former NFL player, Carolina Panthers (2004)

megan-stengel-bramos Megan Stengel Bramos, West-Region All American in Field Hockey; played for University of Miami-Ohio; (2005)


Enjoy some photos from the inaugural Hall of Fame Weekend.

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